If you're an avid Uber user be aware of this new policy the company is instating.

Very soon Uber will be charging customers nationwide, which includes Rockford, for items they return when left in the car. 

ABC7 reports that the company decided to make this policy as many of the Uber drivers who have returned lost items do so on their own time without pay. The company wanted to reward them for their good deeds.

It's easy to leave behind keys, phones, wallets and the like. However, now when Uber returns them you will have to pay a charge of $15 for the return fee.

That kind of stinks, but I can see why they are doing this. It's only fair. These drivers are using their own vehicles and their own gas to return the stuff you absentmindedly left behind.

The new "item return fee" is already in effect in both Chicago and Boston, and by the end of August it will be nationwide where ever Uber is used, including Rockford.

The lesson here is to keep your stuff together and double check the seat and floor before you slam the car door and walk away. Or you're going to be charged $15 bucks to have whatever you left behind returned to you.



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