The WITI camera's caught a strange sighting in the sky over Milwaukee earlier this week.

Just what was it?

Take a look and see what you think.


Any idea?

According to WGN "One theory involves seagulls. [As] WITI's Amy DuPont was in the downtown area that hour and captured video of a big flock of seagulls flying by the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


Here's WITI's explanation of the Unidentified Flying Objects.

This video kind of explains it but honestly, when I watched the first video, it makes me question that theory. It doesn't look like seagulls.

I'm not alone in my thinking eitherAccording to the WGN article, "there are plenty of people who are questioning this theory - because what's seen on the video just doesn't seem to act like birds flying around."

So again I ask you, what do think those swirling orbs in the Milwaukee sky were?

Is it UFO's?

Something to make you go Hmmm today.



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