Taxes. Yuck! We all hate them. Our hatred grows even stronger when we get served even more taxes.

For those in Winnebago County, you may be getting more as Illinois regional airports, including Rockford's, is seeking to have the power to do so.

WIFR reports that "a proposed state law would expand the taxing power for the Rockford airport as well as airports in Bloomington Normal and the Quad Cities in order to let them tax everyone in their home counties, not just in the population centers."

Wow! That encompasses a lot of people.

Why do they need this power?

All three of the airports say that having this power to tax will help "keep up with growing demand and improve their finances."

The Chicago Rockford International Airport says that "the increase in cargo business is helping" but having this additional power would be even greater.

Hmmm... I  don't know about this. The citizens of Illinois are already taxed enough, I honestly don't think we need more.

It really makes me glad at the moment that I don't live in Winnebago County.

My heart feels for those of you that do though. I don't think more taxes are the answer.



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