We can all pretty much agree masks are not favorable, but the fact that COVID-19 numbers in Rockford and Illinois are dropping is proof they work. That fact alone makes it hard to argue the importance of wearing face masks correctly. And, as Illinois embraces Phase 4 of its reopening, you should still be wearing masks when social distancing is broken and upon entering bars and restaurants. If you choose to disobey the mask requirements, Illinois could easily fall into the same situation as Florida and Texas. A restaurant in the heart of Rockford doesn't want that happening.

This Rockford restaurant has put themself out there by saying, "Hey, if you can't wear a mask for the few minutes it takes to walk in and be seated, don't bother coming in because you're putting our staff and other customers at risk." That wasn't their exact quote, more of a paraphrasing. The point is, their reasoning is valid. Surely there are circumstances where some people opt to not wear a mask for breathing purposes and it's understandable. Don't take this as being insensitive but if mask/breathing problems are the cases, you shouldn't be in public unless it's absolutely necessary. That's not me being a jerk, it's science. Medical professionals have been advising people with breathing problems to stay home during this pandemic. So which restaurant isn't afraid to be vocal? It's Baker Street Burgers at Edgebrook Center.

We need to be a little more direct about the mask. We have taken precautions for you, and now we need you to do the same for us.

Their post on Facebook is filled with agreeable comments like, "Well said, Baker Street!!!", and "If you don’t like it, don’t think it’s necessary, just don’t want to do it, whatever your reason, get over it!! Or Get curbside pickup or go thru the drive thru then until mask rule is lifted. The rest of us will go and support these businesses, follow their rules, and help keep them open!" Even other food & beverage businesses are supporting Baker Street Burgers message.

Here's Baker Streer Burgers post,

We need to be a little more direct about the mask. We have taken precautions for you, and now we need you to do the same for us. You must wear a mask to come in, period. We want to keep our staff and you safe, period. We honestly don’t care if you like it or not. We know it’s annoying...we also think it’s annoying. Thank you very much to the majority of you who are trying to keep us all safe. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Here's Meg's Daily Grind's response,

Thank you for sharing this! We agree 100%!!!! Please be mindful of our staff and those around you. This is uncharted times for us, and we need you to follow the rules set by the Health Department for us to stay open!!!

Yes, masks can suck at times, I agree, but there is a reason for being instructed to wear them. If you don't want to fall into another stay-at-home order, you probably continue to do your part while scientists work hard toward a vaccine.

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