We get it, eating at a restaurant in 2020 is a challenge.

Restaurants have been shut down for 10 weeks and are finally reopening. However, it looks like there might be a small unannounced surprise on your bill.

How long a COVID-19 surcharge will last is anyone's guess but it looks like it's starting to pop up on bills at restaurants across Illinois.

Shared a few weeks ago on Twitter, but starting to pick up steam due to all the restaurants opening in the state, a picture of a bill with a 26% (!!!!) COVID-19 surcharge from Harold's Chicken Shack is making waves on the internet.

I don't believe that anyone would have an issue paying a little extra considering restaurants now need to purchase personal protective equipment for staff.

That said, there definitely needs to be a sweet spot because 26% is just too much.

Harold’s Chicken on Broadway in Chicago got rid of and apologized on Facebook for its 26% COVID-19 fee in mid-May because the phone was ringing off the hook with customer complaints.

The real issue, especially in Illinois, residents are already being taxed to death. One more surcharge is too much.

Why not just raise prices? As much as I love going out to eat, paying a bit more per plate is much more understanding considering the current climate.

What about you? Are you OK with the tax? Have you noticed a COVID-19 surcharge at Rockford restaurants?

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