Next time you head to Soldier Field for a good old Bears game, you'll notice that they've upped their game in offering these new concession stand menu items.

ABC7 shares that starting on September 17th with the Bears home opener, fans will now be given the option to nosh on menu items that include: "sandwiches from Cafe L'Appetito, gyros from Kronos and salad jars from Farmer's Fridge which can be purchased from vending machines on the mezzanine."

Now don't fret. You still can get a hot dog, chicken tenders and the like but the stadium "[wanted] to raise the culinary bar," by offering these local foods as well.

They will also be selling french "fries topped with popcorn chicken, buffalo sauce and blue cheese" at the Chicken Luv stand.

Chicago Hot Chicken Fries- Soldier Field
Aramak NFL 2018 Kickoff

Wow! those Look Yummy. I bet spicy too.

Plus "different kinds of panini sandwiches, including the classic Cuban, as well as pastries and desserts such as items from old-fashioned donuts and caramel apple bread pudding."

Tom Elder, Chicago Bears executive chef said that because many of the games are on Sunday's at noon they are offering more brunch style items for the fans to dine on.

You know, I'm good with pretty much all of those new food options, but the one I'm having trouble wrapping my head around is the jars of salad. Really?

Who goes to a football game and eats salad? I mean maybe people do but it just seems a little odd to me to be slamming salad greens from a jar into your mouth as you cheer the team on and slurp down a beer.

Isn't the whole point of going to a Bears game and being at Soldier Field about eating the stuff on your naughty junk food list?

Well, it's nice that they are offering healthier options for fans too I guess.

To each his own.





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