This Illinois Hot Dog Joint Has 39 Different Hot Dogs On The Menu
Summertime = hot dog season.
Is there anything better than a delicious hot dog on a summer day? Whether it's a baseball game, concert, or cookout, hot dogs are the best.
Whether you're someone who likes your dog super plain, or you like a ton of fixings, I think I found the best hot dog spot…
Illinois Restaurant Serves up Drool Worthy Boozey Milkshakes
It's milkshake season!
There's just something about a freshly made milkshake with delicious whipped cream on a hot day. It just hits different. But as an adult, sometimes you just need a drink.
How about an alcoholic milkshake? Best of both worlds...
Taco Bell Cutting Even More Favorites From Their Menu
I'm still reeling from the loss of the Spicy Potato Soft Taco and now Taco Bell goes and does this!!!
Brace yourselves fellow Taco Bell fans, they're cutting even more of our favorites from the menu. In August they completely got rid of the potato, now shredded chicken is the latest to get …
New Foods at Soldier Field
Next time you head to Soldier Field for a good old Bears game, you'll notice that they've upped their game in offering these new concession stand menu items.

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