We knew that Taco Bell was going to be releasing a vegetarian menu in 2019, but we never knew exactly when. But that's all changed.

Taco Bell's first ever vegetarian menu items will be available nationwide TOMORROW aka September 12. So that means we'll be getting these new items right here in Rockford.

Bustle detailed the new menu items -

Keep your eye out for new treats like the Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme and the Black Bean Quesarito. But if you like the old standards — like the classic Bean Burrito and 7-Layer Burrito — don't worry, you'll still find them. And everything that you see on the new vegetarian menu is American Vegetarian Association-certified, so you can eat up without any worry. Time to load up on burritos and never look back.

Along with the new items, Taco Bell's entire menu is pretty much customizable to be vegetarian. It's awesome to see more options becoming available for vegetarians and vegans.

So grab yourself a veggie burrito tomorrow for lunch.

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