Thankfully it looks like winter storm Juno has reached her peak of unloading nastiness on the Northeast, as many of the weather warnings have now been downgraded. Very good news! Apparently some Northeasteners have decided if you can't beat the storm, laugh at it, and I certainly am!

I do feel bad for laughing at a blizzard, but some of the people enduring it have fabulous senses of humor. My personal favorite so far is this tweet...

I especially like the hastag, #TheSnowDOESBotherUs. Nicely done. Here's some more of  the reality that is
"Snowmageddon 2015" on Twitter.

Now, for more examples of people making the most of the storm. This really makes me shake my head and wonder what the heck these people are thinking? Some New Yorkers have taken to Craigslist in the search for cuddle buddies, a.k.a make-out partners. Seriously. Here's my two favorites.

I hope these folks do not answer their doors or phones anytime soon. I can only imagine the kinds of crazy that will show up!

One last thing to check out that I have been obsessed with since this began...

  • Time Square Blizzard cam from Earth Cam - Although it looks like street crews have done a great job staying on top of clearing the snow, it's amazing to see how desolate the area appears compared to normal.