We didn't think Smokin' Coop needed any new menu items, until they suggested this one and well, it's a necessity now.

Smokin' Coop BBQ Pit is a family run bbq joint in Belvidere that's been dishing out tender meats and baked potatoes that weigh as much as a small child for years.

This year, they're thinking about adding the most perfect bbq side dish ever to the menu.

Clearly their food is pretty great if I didn't realize they didn't have mac and cheese on the menu until today!

How does a bbq place succeed without mac and cheese... I mean they've been succeeding... but mac and cheese is essential!

Smokin' Coop posted on Facebook earlier this month that they're considering adding the mac to the menu and want our input as to what size the side should be.

Personally I think they should add a 32 ounce mac to the menu, but I'm thinking that might be more than the two options they're torn between, a side or a main dish.

Many of their Facebook fans are asking for a side size AND a meal, which should be doable, right?

We made an Ate One Five stop at Smokin' Coop last summer and well... we'll probably have to head back for some mac when they add it.

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