For Thanksgiving this year, there will be smaller turkeys on dining room tables in Rockford.

Unless someone decided to start the year going off the grid, I think pretty much everyone knows what kind of weird time 2020 has turned out to be. It's been difficult but many people are making the best of it.

They are using creative ideas to try and help people feel better. The internet and social media are full of it. Stories, videos, and posts making sunshine on a cloudy day. Each day, I see a new idea that just gives me a little hope.

The holidays are coming up. This is going to be hard. We are all going to celebrate differently. Longtime family traditions might have to be replaced with new ones. Up first is Thanksgiving. That's a big one for family and friends. There's nothing like spending the day together and eating way too much good food. The bigger the group, the better. This year, the gatherings are going to have to be much smaller.

Though I have been at huge Thanksgivings, I have also experienced small ones. My past could help you with your future. I'm an only child and a couple of years we had just the three of us for Thanksgiving. In those years, we would either go out for dinner or order in. Perfect in this curbside era.

A few times, I had to work on the radio very early on Black Friday, so that meant staying home for the holiday. My wife, daughter, and I made our own little Thanksgiving. We cooked a turkey breast instead of a whole bird. The trimmings were scaled back too. Even though it wasn't ideal, it made a good family memory for us. When you do your grocery shopping in the next couple of weeks, don't be surprised to see a lot more smaller turkeys for sale The stores are just preparing for smaller gatherings this season.

According to,

"Fewer people at Thanksgiving tables is going to mean many households are looking to buy smaller turkeys. Turkey farmers have been anticipating more demand for smaller birds, and have been making adjustments accordingly. The buying arms of the major retailers and distributors are definitely trying to slant their purchases toward smaller turkeys."

Don't let it get you down. A smaller event could be fun too. Let those creative ideas help steer you to a memorable holiday.


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