How much do you know about Minnesota?

Sure, they're the home of the Twins and Vikings, and the fabulous Mall of America. I'm betting you didn't know about these six things that makes Minnesota special.

Take for example they are the state that perfected the Shopping mall. It started back in 1956. Those Minnesota winters are brutal so they came up with a way for people to shop indoors. Of course we gotta hand it to them for the largest mall in America they built back in 1992. Yep, The Mall of America, is a direct decedent of the original 1956 plan.

Also, Did you know that Minnesota was the turning of the tide, or really the beginning of the end for the James Gang robbing banks? ?Yep, Old Jesse and his gang had their comeuppance when they decided to rob a bank in Northfiled, MN. Two of their gang members were killed in a shoot out. The rest were wounded and fled never once touching the money in the unlocked safe. A couple years later Jesse was shot and killed.

They are known as a state of inventors. Yes, Minnesota is responsible for the many infomercials selling the Norditrack, those awful Zubaz pants, Post-It's , Wheaties, the Tilt-a-Whirl, staplers, and even rollerblades.

Of course we can't forget the ever favorite mystery meat of SPAM. Yes they are the birthplace of SPAM at the Hormel plant in Austin, MN. They are also know to be the be proponent of sending SPAM e-mails to all of our inboxes too.

1. They are the home of inventors. (See above)

2. They are the Lutefisk capitol of the US. They really do enjoy eating fish soaked in lye. ICK!

3. They invented and perfected the shopping mall. (Again see above)

4. We can blame them for both kinds of SPAM. (Mystery Meat and E-mail)

5. They're Tougher Than Jesse James.(See the story above.)

6. Minnesota is Trannie Town. Guys be careful who you pick up at the bar. They just might not be as what they appear.

Actually, you know I should say there's seven things that make Minnesota special.

One more thing needs to added to the list.

7. Minnesota's State Fair has something no other State Fair has. CARRIE UNDERWOOD!

That's right she's performing and Q98.5 wants to send you and a guest to see her. We'll take care of the hotel and travel accommodations, tickets to the show, and we'll even give you some spending money. You can buy a lot of SPAM with $500!

All you have to do is sign up before July 31st to enter to win!

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Good luck!




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