Forget everything you thought you knew about Starbucks. You can now get it delivered.

Almost daily I wish Starbucks would arrive out of thin air at my desk. Just poof, latte please appear, I've thought to myself.

Then, accidentally, yesterday I discovered the impossible, is in fact, possible.

There it was.


Staring me right in the face, as if I should have realized you could get coffee delivered to your desk before this moment.

Clearly, I had not realized this.

So Door Dash will bring me Starbucks from the State Street location 'ASAP' which they list at 30- 40 minutes, with free delivery.

Amazing right? Well, kind of. Because there's a slight catch... there's a pretty hefty 'taxes and fees,' cost.

I'm talking $3 for a $4 latte.

Then there's also a 'dasher tip' that that Door Dash recommends. You can adjust it, but these dashers should really get a tip, so you will want to include that in your order price.

In conclusion, this seems to be for emergency coffee only, you know, that coffee you need because you accidentally drank too much wine watching 'Grey's Anatomy' the night before.

The total cost will be about double what you'd pay if you got out of your chair and drove to Starbucks.

But hey, you can get coffee delivered to your desk and just knowing that's a possibility is pretty wonderful.

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