Grey areas exist everywhere. Like the grey area where its legal for women to try on lingerie for a man behind closed doors for a fee. These places are technically legal but its not hard to find stories about what can really happen in places like this. According to, one of these places here in Rockford that was raided by the police is trying to re-open and has now involved lawyers.

The Exclusive Lingerie Boutique was raided back in may due to an investigation into human trafficking and illegal sex trade. After the raid the business closed its doors. The city wants to revoke their adult entertainment license due to the investigation. Owner of the boutique Ruth Miller, appeared yesterday with two new lawyers arguing for due process in the case the city has against her.

The city states that the terms of her license were violated, but her attorneys say that the city hasn't been clear on what the violation was. They went on to say the charges are "vague and unspecific". As of this time, Miller has not been criminally charged but case documents reference suspicion of prostitution, narcotics and sexual exploitation. If history has taught us anything, we've learned, legal or not, bad things have happened in places like this. Honestly I don't think we need one of these places in our community.

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