With the first significant snowfall of the winter season about to hit the Rockford area, it's time to get your shovels and salt ready to clear a path.

Every state has vastly different requirements when it comes to the removal of snow and ice on public walkways and driveways around homes.

What states require residents to remove snow from their sidewalks?

In Montana, residents are required to remove snow and ice from "public walkways, driveways and sidewalks" within 24 hours of accumulation.

You could be fined in Pennsylvania if you don't remove snow within "a specified time frame after a storm has ended," and how wide the path needs to be shoveled is determined by city ordinances, according to Rentec Direct.

If you remove snow from "a public walkway or path" in Indiana, you can be legally responsible if "someone experiences an injury as a result of the snow removal."

Does Illinois have a law on snow and ice removal?

The Snow and Ice Removal Act says "owners and others residing in residential units are encouraged to clean the sidewalks abutting their residences of snow and ice," plus there are local city ordinances.

Are Rockford residents responsible for the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks?

According to the City of Rockford's website, residents are required to remove snow and ice from sidewalks and alleys, and the city handles removal on city streets.

As you clear snow and ice in Rockford, you're also not allowed to dump it on the city streets or have it "piled so high as to obstruct motorists’ view."

The City of Rockford also has a "snow removal status map" that gives updated information on the progress and location of snow removal crews.

And you might want to have The City of Rockford’s Snow and Ice App that will provide information on snow emergencies, parking rules, and access to the snow removal map. CLICK HERE to get the app.

You can also have text alerts sent to your device by texting ROCKFORDSNOW to 888777.

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