I try to be more conscientious when it comes to recycling and waste. I'll cut up plastic rings so sea life isn't harmed, I try and make sure to recycle everything I can, or even reuse it for something else.

I'm just one person but every little bit helps. What if we got more help from those who aren't so mindful of waste?

Chicago is looking to pass an ordinance that calls for the total elimination of polystyrene, or styrofoam, foodware. It will also cut down on how many plastic forks, plates, and spoons are doled out by restaurants, according to Block Club Chicago's website.

With so much plastic in our water streams, this seems like a way to curb the use and dependency on them. It'll hopefully make our water more safe to drink and our streams and community cleaner from waste that collects in rivers, gutters, and landfills.

Some exceptions would be made, but for the most part, starting in 2021 restaurants would be required to use reusable foodware. Sure, some might complain, like in 2017 when the city banned plastic bags, but the majority seemed to adapt. The use of plastic bags dropped 42 percent in the first month!

More steps and approvals will be needed in order for the ordinance to advance, but I for one think that this is a great idea. It eliminates harmful products for the betterment of everyone.

Sure, some might complain because it's hard to change old habits, but if there is a less harmful way of doing something, why wouldn't we want to make the change?

Do you think Rockford should ban single-use plastics? Let me know in the comments.

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