Restaurants around the country, including several here in Rockford, are ditching American cheese in their menu items.

Wait a minute? Why?

Isn't American cheese THE American cheese to use and eat?

Well apparently not any more.


It's all because the millenials don't care for it.


WGN shares a report from Bloomberg that said the the sales of American cheese slices are on the decline and millenials are to blame for this.

Wow! That's a large accusation to make isn't it?

Bloomberg stated that the cheese's low sales is because "millennials aren’t interested in buying or eating the processed stuff, preferring instead natural cheeses that taste more distinctive even if they are pricier."

National chain restaurants like Wendy's, Panera, and Cracker Barrel, all of which are in Rockford, have decided to offer other cheese options for their sandwiches instead of American cheese because of this.

In fact, the study further shows that American cheese is a food staple that Americans are looking less to.

The sale of "processed cheese are on track to dip for the fourth consecutive year" in the U.S. Plus, the "prices for American cheese are down too." Yet, "the number of specialty cheese-makers is surging."

Only "40% of US households still buy Kraft Singles, but sales are flat."

I grew up on Kraft singles as a kid. However, I must admit, I don't buy those cheese singles.

If I buy American cheese it's the real deal. I'm a Gen X-er, not a millennial, but I know good tasting cheese.

I'm sorry to say this Kraft, but your processed cheese singles in plastic just aren't.






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