Everyone has their favorite reality television chef. Some people love the antics of Gordon Ramsay, Others love Guy Fieri.  US Direct.com used Google trends to see who came out on top. In Illinois, It seems that Anthony Bourdain was the absolute favorite. A man who could just sit down, eat and have a conversation with just about anyone. Anthony will be sorely missed.


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When it comes to Wisconsin, the people's favorite is Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake-Off. Now a judge on the show, Paul started at a bakery his father owned. Eventually he became the head baker at a bunch of hotels in Britain before he became internationally known. Whoever your favorite is when it comes down to it, we all love a good meal.

Personally, My favorite chef is my better half. Because after all, l that's the one that feeds me every day and never charges me a cent.

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