Summertime. I well remember days as a kid drinking cherry Kool-Aid on the porch with my sister's after playing in yard all day.

One of my favorite treats was when our Mom would make Kool-Aid Popsicles from those old Tupperware molds. Remember those?

Yesterday, I posted 23 Flavors for adult popsicles so in fairness to our kids I found a couple of cool Kool-Aid treats to make for the kiddos at about this update on the old Tupperware mold of those Kool-Aid Popsicles by using Jello and Kool-Aid? Interesting. Mom always just froze the Kool-Aid

Or how about this? Making Kool-Aid Sherbet? Just 3 ingredients Kool-Aid, Milk, and sugar. Wow! How fun and easy. Not to mention I bet really tasty.

For more Kool-Aid treats visit or better yet go to the source from Kool-Aid's maker Kraft.

Have some fun and make some cool summertime memories with your kids!

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