My favorite part of 2020 is that at some point I feel like we all just collectively decided rules don't exist anymore. We were stuck at home, bored beyond anything we had felt before, and we started getting creative with our time. And apparently that included having mac & cheese for breakfast.

I can't say I ever found myself eating dinner for breakfast, but I did eat breakfast for dinner a bunch. But now Kraft is encouraging us to indulge in the silliness that is mac & cheese for breakfast. A lot of parents have already been doing this. Delish details -

Apparently 56 percent of parents have served their kids mac & cheese for breakfast more often during COVID-19-related state lockdowns than in previous months, according to the brand. So, in honor of that spirit of ingenuity, the brand is replacing the words "dinner" with “breakfast” on its boxes.


So move over breakfast for dinner, in 2020 we're having dinner for breakfast. And I'm more than here for it!

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