In some states it is against the law, and unfortunately it is back in 2016. The Secret Sister gift exchange in back, unfortunately.

Last year we reported on the hoax, and it looks like it is back again for this Christmas.

It works like this, the secret sister gift exchange promises that if you buy one $10 gift for someone and add your name to a list, you'll get between six and 36 gifts in the mail.

Really, Red flag. Anything like this is too good to be true. Authorities are warning that this is a scam. People use social media, like Facebook, to tag you in a post. The post asks you to mail a gift to someone on a list. The it asks you to add your name and address to the list. In return you will receive gifts. Not gonna happen. You may be susceptible to identity theft.

If some one tags you in the post, just pass. Your wallet will be happier. Anything too good to be true, probably is.

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