It's making the rounds, again on the internet and it's not true. There will not be 15 straight days of darkness November 15 - November 29th.

Don't believe everything you read on the internet. With November just 11 days away, you may have come across an online article that has been making the rounds in cyberspace that claims that "NASA confirmed that at least 15 days of darkness are expected in the month of November 2015"

This report was published in an article from a website called Newswatch33. The article claims that NASA has confirmed that Earth would face 15 days of darkness completely in the month of November 2015. It is also states that Earth didn’t experience this kind of event in over one million years. But in the month of November 2015, our beloved planet would be shrouded in 15 days complete darkness from November 15- 29, 2015.

Yikes, a complete Black Out. We think, not!

The site claims the black out would be due to an astronomical event between Jupiter and Venus.

The Auroracup webite disputes the findings. They report:

Newswatch33 is not considered as a perfect and true news website. Newswatch33 has deceived a large number of social media users multiple times, such as a girl dead due to ear-buds of her iPhone and Jay Z and Beyonce has purchased all rights of Confederate Flag. Basically Newswatch33 is considered as false news website that is reflecting a negative impact on social media.

Snopes website also listed this story as a big: FALSE!

So, no need to throw away your sunglasses and stock up on batteries for your flashlights. The sun will indeed shine, assuming we don't have 15 days of cloudy skies.

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