Blake Shelton has had it with the tabloid lies, and now he is suing! reports that Shelton filed suit on today against "In Touch Weekly" after they allegedly claimed his heavy drinking was the cause of his divorce with Miranda Lambert and reporting he was going to rehab.

Blake's lawsuit seeks damages of over $1 million. Shelton and his lawyer say the stories published are entirely false. says the details of the lawsuit indicate:

Blake Shelton has had enough, Mr. Shelton is not in rehab and has no plans to go to rehab.

The lawsuit says:

The cover story says that Blake has hit “rock bottom.” “To be clear: Mr. Shelton has not hit rock bottom,” the lawsuit reads on. It accuses In Touch of publishing the story without reaching out to the singer's lawyers or other representatives.


Blake Shelton initially sought a retraction of the story, but received no response. also reports that In addition to monetary damages, Shelton is seeking an injunction that would prevent In Touch from repeating allegations in the disputed story.