After seeing my niece pull what looked like a hundred bobby pins out of her hair from her Homecoming up-do on Sunday, I came across this article on other creative uses for those hair pins. Coincidence? Maybe?


Country Outfitters listed five things that bobby pins are good for beyond holding your hair in place.

1. Get for getting the last of the toothpaste out of the tube. Put around the bottom of the tube and slide it up the tube.It will push the remainder up the paste up to the opening.

2. Use as a chip clip in a pinch. Perfect for after parties when you seem to have more bags than clips to close them.

3. Temporary fix to hold a he in your pants or cuffs. If your hem pulls loose you can quickly tack it up with a bobby pin or two.

4. Fix a broken zipper pull with a bobby pin. It's all happened to us at some point just slide a bobby pin in.

5. Use as a clothespin for those delicate clothes that need to hang up but tend to slip off the hanger.

Here's a use I know about that my mom and Grandma used bobby pins for: pitting cherries. They fit perfect in the cherry to pry out that pit.

What other uses have you found for bobby pins?