With the weather warming up this week it would be perfect to take a day trip into the city to see the debut of the red panda cubs, Clark and Addison, at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

DNAInfo reports that the two red panda cubs, Clark and Addison, have been cleared by the veterinarian at there last check-up Friday to be ready to make their daily appearances at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

The cubs are 4 months old and "have spent their time growing and developing in a nest box behind the scenes at the zoo." The currator of mammals for the zoo, Mark Kamhout, said that "The first four months of red panda cubs' lives are critical for survival. Leafa [the mother] was very protective of her cubs, but curiosity could not keep them in their den and the cubs have spent the last few weeks exploring their behind-the-scenes area from climbing to exploring new sights and smells."

The two cubs will join Leafa and father Phoenix on display in the zoo's Kovler Lion House. Although they will be "on and off exhibit intermittently as they continue to grow, the zoo has said the cubs will usually be on exhibit beginning at 10 a.m. most days."

To learn more about this free zoo, that's open 365 days a year, visit: www.lpzoo.org

Aw. They are so cute. I figured you might need a little cuteness added to your day. It always helps me.