Middle school was a LONG time ago for me, but I'm pretty sure when I had a crush on a boy, I just made my girl friends tell the boy that I was crushin' on how I felt.

One thing I know for sure is that I would have NEVER let go of one my precious hair scrunchies to let a boy know I like him, (I was a middle-schooler in the early '90's; our obsessions with scruchies back then was SERIOUS), but that is apparently "the" thing to do in middle school these days.

A concerned middle school boy Mom named Emily Covington recently issued a PSA to all middle school girl moms that has gone viral, and totally made me laugh...

Emily's son much be quite the looker to score that many scrunchies in a week, LOL!

It is not just Emily's son that is currently sitting on a hoard of hair scrunchies. Since the post was written, several moms have commented saying that they have found stashes in their sons' rooms, or that their son has come home from school with 4 scrunchies on their arms and they had no idea why.

So, if you find a stash of hair scrunchies in your son's room today don't panic that he may be sneaking multiple young women into his room overnight, but be aware that the possibility may just be a hop, skip and a scrunchie away.

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