What's worse than snakes on a plane. This. And it's not a movie... yet.

Scorpion Stings Man On Chicago Bound Plane
Ethan Miller|Getty Images

Don't be surprised if Hollywood makes a movie based on this incident. A man was stung by a scorpion mid-flight while headed to Chicago. Apparently the scorpion snuck on the flight. Maybe he was looking for real deep dish pizza? Regardless, it happened and the news spread all over the internet.

The story isn't really all that exciting. A man was stung on his arm, medics tended to him upon arrival in Chicago, and he was on his merry way. Time.com reports the sting wasn't poisonous and the guy didn't want to be taken to the hospital. He must be one macho dude because I know I'd be milking it for all it's worth.

Where the scorpion came from isn't the big question, it's who will star in "Scorpions On A Plane" and when will it be on SyFy?

[H/T Time.com]

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