One of my favorite things about summer is eating ice cream. Sure, you can eat ice cream all year long, but there's just something special about getting an ice cream sundae at a shop and then sitting outdoors with your family to enjoy it.

My point here is this, during the summer I tend to treat ice cream like it's a mandatory part of a healthy a lifestyle, so when I saw that Dairy Depot in Loves Park is for sale, I freaked out a little. I think most Dairy Depot lovers would agree that what makes the ice cream shop so special is the quaintness or mom-and-pop-stop feel of it. When I'm looking to fill my daily craving for ice cream in the summer, I want to go to a locally-owned place like Dairy Depot, instead of a national chain. Thankfully, Dairy Depot's current owners completely understand that most of customers feel the exact same way.

So, How Much Will It Cost to Buy Dairy Depot?

Before I tell you how much it will cost you to buy Dairy Depot, let me first tell you that the current owner's priority is to " transition the business to a new owner who will help preserve the “quality of place” that our community has grown to enjoy at the Dairy Depot for future generations to comeaccording to

For the low price of $320,000, you will not only be the proud new owner of the Dairy Depot business, but also the building itself which also has 5 commercial spaces.

If unlimited ice cream and business owner sounds like the perfect new job for you, contact Dairy Depot site manager, Carmen Augelli at 815-262-0313 or visit

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