The new owners of Dairy Depot in Loves Park have been busy making some changes this summer. They did some improvements to the space, they started offering the option to pay by credit and debit cards, and of course, they have been REALLY busy delighting our ice-cream-loving tastebuds since reopening in July.

Typically Dairy Depot, and other summer favorites in the Stateline area, would be preparing to close for the year now that Fall is fastly approaching, but it seems like Dairy Depot may have some other plans up their sleeve.

Should Dairy Depot Stay Open Year-Round?

Last weekend Dairy Depot posed a VERY important question to their fans...

As you can see they got a huge response to that question, and after perusing the comments I think it's safe to say the majority of the Dairy Depot Nation would like to see them stay open longer in the season, but maybe not all year long. Several fans brought up some good points...

It’s usually warm for most of May and September, so it would make sense to be open at least in those months. There have been several different times over the years in September especially when I’ve said “I wish Dairy Depot was still open.”


Maybe do Memorial Day to the day after Halloween, be able to add some “fall” dessert options! Green apple sundae, sour apple so on. Regardless we will keep coming!


YES!! Open a coffee & sandwich & ice cream shop in the building with the shared wall to Dairy Depot! We can sit & play board games or read a book, eating lunch AND having ice cream for dessert!!


Maybe just host some fun events through the winter? Like a hot chocolate float day. Offer limited quantities of seasonal flavors and toppings. PS I LOVE that you are asking your community what they want!!!

I think all of the above are FABULOUS ideas, so if you've got an idea or opinion to add, better send Dairy Depot a message on Facebook RIGHT NOW.

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