Sam Hunt's "Take Your Time" video is intense. In the clip, the relative newcomer takes a fearless stand against domestic violence, and then becomes the hero.

This is unexpected, as "Take Your Time" isn't outwardly a song with a serious meaning or one which focuses on domestic violence — instead, it's a love song in which a guy tries to woo a girl by telling her all he wants from her is to take her time. But the music video is powerful from start to finish.

It begins with what looks to be a scuffle, but the camera is moving too quickly for the viewer to make sense of what's happening. Hunt's name is then boldly displayed on the screen, setting the tone for a mini-movie.

A once-smiling young woman, an innocent baby and an angry husband with an affinity for booze appear. Things start off happy, with trips to Goodwill and kisses on the forehead, but it doesn't stay that way for long. The action evolves to gun cleaning, volatile fights and of course, more alcohol. In the center of it all is the woman and Hunt, who's watching it unfold as a bystander. He unsuccessfully attempts to intervene before the video's very serious conclusion, when finally, the pop-country singer steps up to save the girl he's kept a close watch on, presumably rescuing her from a harsh fate. Hunt fights the husband off as she and her baby escape, speeding away in a beat-up truck.

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