Every year more and more people decide to fry their Thanksgiving turkey, but that also means that there are more deep fryer fires because of it. On average every year at least 5 people lose their lives, around 60 people are injured, and with over 15 million dollars in property damage every year you need to make sure you follow the safety tips so you don't end up being a statistic.


According to momwithaprep.com, There are 13 different tips for frying a turkey safely this holiday season. First off never leave the fryer unattended because most things happen when you walk away. Next, make sure to keep your children and pets as far away from the area as possible. Always make sure to wear your protective items such as grill mitts and eye protection. Make sure your turkey is completely defrosted and pat it won with a cloth to dry up the excess water. Keep a fire extinguisher close to you and never ever use your fryer in the rain or snow. Keep the frying area clear of combustible things like trees or even your back deck.

When it comes to setting up your fryer make sure that you put it on level ground and never move it. Keep your propane tank at least two feet away and you can even wrap the hose with foil in case the oil splatters on it.

I can't stress this enough either, never overfill the fryer. This is one of the main reasons for fryer fires every year. Make sure to use Peanut oil as it has a higher burning point so it doesn't smoke as much. Always make sure to turn off the burner right before you lower the turkey into the pot to prevent a fire in case you used too much oil. Finally carefully remove the pot when finished and set it somewhere safe to cool before you dispose of it.

I have fried many turkeys over the years, and if you follow these safety tips you're sure to have a happy Thanksgiving. Below is a video of how not to fry a turkey, make sure to watch this before you begin.



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