I have stated many times that I am not much of a "sports girl," but the Chicago Blackhawks are my only exception. I can't say I've never missed a Hawks game, but I can say I won't be missing any of this year's Stanley Cup finals action. I may not be a newbie Blackhawks fan, but I do need a schooling on how to be a proper one. 

Hockey is in my blood. My father played it for many years, and my brother played from age 5 though high school as a Rockford Iceman. I spent my childhood weekends in hockey rinks across the Midwest watching my brother play, but yet I never picked up on some very important hockey rules and etiquette.

For example, I never knew about the superstition behind touching or hoisting the Campbell trophy after winning the Western Conference championship until the first words uttered by husband on Saturday night were, "Toews better not touch that cup!" (Shame on me for not knowing, I know.)  He then it explained it to me, and it makes total sense!

Here's a refresher on the "do's" and "don'ts" of a proper Chicago Blackhawks fan...





It is now your duty to pass this info on to all the newbie fans, and LET'S GO HAWKS!