Some of the most delicious flavors in the Stateline can be found up and down Main Street in downtown Rockton, Illinois. Here are the latest delectable treats.

That homemade Dairyhäus ice cream that you love just added a little kick to a few quarts, just in time to say goodbye to 2020. I don't what the research shows, but it's a safe bet, that we grab one of two things when we need some kind stress relief...

Ice Cream or Booze

Now you don't have to decide which one to have, because they both now live in a red-rimmed quarts of Dairyhäus ice cream.

Before you think you can eat enough of this ice cream to get drunk, you should know that there isn't enough alcohol in any of the these 'spiked' flavors to cause effect. The whiskey, bourbon and wines used, are just there to add the flavor.


Time to meet the new Dairyhäus 'spiked' flavors.

Whiskey Vanilla


Homemade Dairyhäus Vanilla ice cream with Jameson Whiskey. The cream takes out some of that whiskey bite. This tastes so smooth.

Bourbon Praline


Homemade bourbon ice cream made with Makers Mark bourbon, complimented with crunchy candy coated praline pecans.

Mulled Wine Chocolate Chip

Homemade spiced cabernet ice cream with dark chocolate chips. You know what the health experts say about dark chocolate and red wine (wink, wink).

Irish Cream

Homemade Rockford Roasting Co coffee and chocolate ice cream with a little added Jameson whiskey.

Dairyhäus ice cream is available curbside at 113 E. Main Street in downtown Rockton, Schnucks, Woodman's, Main Street Meats & more. More info can be found on their website and on Facebook.

Your 2021 life could probably use some Dairyhäus merch. Check out the hoodies and sweatpants.


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