We all have big opinions about the effectiveness of face masks during this pandemic, but to me, some protection is better than no protection, so MASK UP!

Apparently Rockford's Rockmen Guardians along the Sinnissippi Bike Path feel the same way, because they are now sharing a rock hard message with us all.

GoRockford recently shared these photos on Facebook, and I love that some of our community members took the time to create some new accessories for our beloved Rockmen...


I would certainly be remiss if I didn't share some of the punniness that followed when GoRockford shared the above photos. If you didn't take a moment to check out some of the comments, allow me to share a few of my favorites...

GoRockford via Facebook
GoRockford via Facebook

I understand that not everyone will appreciate the mask message the Rockmen are now sharing, but I would like to say this; Winnebago County and the surrounding area is teetering on the edge of getting stricter COVID-19 restrictions put back in place. No one wants that, right? I truly believe small and locally owned businesses will not survive a second round of closures, so many barely made it through the first. Can't we all just put politics aside and do what's right for this community and our economy as a whole? Pretty, please?!?!?

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