Some local beauty students have more time on their hands after the Regency Beauty Institute announced they are permanently closing all of their school locations immediately, including the one at Highgrove Plaza off Perryville in Rockford.

Regency Beauty Institute posted a sad message on their website homepage Wednesday; that all of their 79 schools nationwide will be closing their doors forever on September 28, 2016. The decision was made abruptly, and a lot of Regency students had no idea until they received the message not to show up for class on Thursday.

As for the reason for the closure, Regency gives this explanation on their website:

How did this happen? In short, the organization does not have the cash to continue to run the business. There are multiple intertwined reasons: declining numbers of cosmetology students nationwide, a negative characterization of for-profit education by regulators and politicians that continues to worsen and, in light of these factors, an inability to obtain continued financing.


For students wondering where they go from here, the schools have set specific times Thursday (today) and Friday for picking up your personal items. They have also outlined how to get your transcripts and continue your program here.