When I was a kid I spent my summers at Alpine Pool in Rockford.  This past summer I took my kids there for the first time, and guess what? They fell in love with it too.

Alpine Pool may not have all the fancy rides like Magic Waters does, (oops, excuse me, I mean Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford), but my kids love it for one very important reason: they feel confident swimming there.

My kids are young and just learning to swim. Up until their first trip to Alpine Pool, they were always too scared to put their head underwater at a public pool because there are always too many people. To see them jumping into Alpine Pool with no cares in the world, and to see them swimming underwater with goggles and loving it, truly made me so stinkin' happy. I was totally planning on buying season passes for the summer of 2020, and then the announcement was made that it would likely not open this summer. Totally. Bummed. Me. Out.

I'm not the only Rockford resident who was bummed about Alpine Pool being closed this summer, Rockford's Mayor Tom McNamara is too, so he decided to come up with a plan.

A post shared Friday by the City Of Rockford Government on Facebook said;

KEEPING A COMMUNITY ASSET OPEN: Today, Mayor McNamara announced a plan that will reopen Alpine Pool for the 2020 season.

The proposed deal includes the City’s Water Division reducing water related fees in the amount of $70,000 in exchange for Rockford Park District reopening Alpine Pool in 2020 and coordinating marketing activities with the City’s Water Division.


Before the plan is a done deal, the Rockford City Council needs to vote on it at tonight's (Monday) meeting. I sure hope they vote "yes".

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