Living in the Cherry Valley area, there is one thing I now know for sure; when I get the hankering for some delicious steak tacos from Olivo Taco, I can usually find their truck in the CherryVale mall parking lot at least once each weekend.

Here's another true story, my oldest daughter is now obsessed with Olivo Taco and the "It's Raining Tacos" song due to the fact that they were serving up their deliciousness (and blasting that song) at her school's conferences not too long ago.

My point in bringing up those stories is this; my family LOVES those 3 for $5 tacos and we LOVED seeing the big news that Olivo Taco is expanding and opening an brick-and-mortar restaurant soon in Rockford!

I've never tried Olivo's chicken tacos before, and now that is all I can think about doing. I hope this new restaurant opens VERY SOON!

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