Always remember to log out of Facebook if you're going to access your account from a public demo device at Best Buy. Luckily, for Wesley, only a hijacked status happened, and it's the best Facebook fail ever.

Sure, we all like to kill time at Best Buy, Verizon, or anywhere else they sell mobile devices. If you're going to do it steer away from logging in to your social media unless you're 100% sure you'll remember to log out.

Failing to forget to log out of Facebook while at Best Buy in Rockford resulted in one awesome Facebook Fail. Why? Because we could be like Wesley.


Wesley's comment: "Get the @#$% off my page Master Lee.(WARNING: his actual contains NSFW language.)

Wow, Wesley must have felt pretty burned, but we can all agree that this is the best thing to happen on Facebook in Rockford in a really long time.

Lesson: Don't log on to any personal accounts on any public device.

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