Who doesn't love a chance to breathe and stretch outside for free? I sure do! Especially when it's celebrating a big achievement like a four year anniversary. 

Last year we were allowed to do like four things.

We could order food, and then we were able to order cocktails to go (which I don't hate), oh and you know, it was totally a daily occurrence to have a drive-by birthday party on your calendar and video chatted every person you've ever met in life.

But, hanging out with a huge group of people celebrating something as big as a four year anniversary, that was NOT allowed.

Boom, fast forward, it's allowed now!

And one of the great local businesses who is getting the chance to celebrate their anniversary is 815 Yoga.

In a recent Facebook post they shared the news that they are four years old as of June 24, 2021 and to celebrate, they're hosting a free yoga class at party on Friday June 25 at Puri Peace Plaza.

It sounds like a fun party to me! Workout... food... drinks... what's not to love?

They would like you to sign up if you plan to attend, you can do that on their website. 

Here's to spending more time with people IN-PERSON in 2021, let's keep it up!

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