Well, you would think as cold as it is that some criminals would be taking a break but not so much. Saturday night on the 2200 block of Ninth Avenue, a woman pulled into her driveway to unload her vehicle and was met by a man demanding she give up her purse. He grabbed the purse but she wasn't willing to let go. The suspect fell down and then took off running, realizing she wanted it more than he did.

Police car on the street
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The woman was taken to a local hospital, but thankfully she only sustained minor injuries. The Police Department filed the report as an armed robbery but no mention of a weapon as of yet according to WIFR. The victim is said to be okay but it's really scary when something like this happens to you right outside of your home.

The woman or the suspect's name has not been released but as of now, police are looking for a black male around 5 foot 8 in height that looks to be around the age of 30. You never know when someone will want something you have more than you do but just try to stay alert and keep a close eye on your surroundings.


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