This weekend at the Rockford Speedway,  I had the pleasure of meeting the Q98.5 Driver Kodee BuseKros.

Susan Tyler

Being back in pit area with all the drivers, their crew, trailers and equipment brought up my Rockford Speedway memory.

I drove a late models race car for the Media Races in July of 2010. Yes that's me in the Number 24 car. Which by the way is my favorite number.

It was such an adrenaline rush. I lead the race for 2 1/2 laps before I lost control of the car slide up the track hit the wall then went into a tail spin that landed me into the grassy field in the middle of the track. Although my race time was cut short, I had the best time of my life.

I've been told I have a lead foot, so racing at the Speedway was a natural.

Here's a picture of me in the lead.

Susan Tyler

Funny thing is I should have been scared at my ordeal but instead I felt empowered. I wasn't phased by it at all. Honestly I'd do it all over again.

For family fun take your family out to the Rockford Speedway and cheer on Kodee!

By the way they have the best fireworks show for the 4th of July. I've been their a couple of times with my family to see thier show.