Assembling the ultimate big game snack table was the goal of the Steve Shannon Show's conversation on Wednesday morning.

We work hard, so when it's time to sit with our favorite people and stuff our faces, we need delicious snacks. This is what we all deserve. Time to treat yourself.

What are your favorite snacks to have on hand for your Super Bowl Party?

Pickle Roll Ups (or as MJ called them, 'Pickles in a Blanket')

Instead of ham, one listener suggested using salami.

Chicken Wings

Our Instagram survey results shows you the appropriate 'Lil Drummy to Flat' wing parts ratio.

Meatballs with Grape Jelly & Hot Sauce

It was even suggested to serve these meatballs over some mashed potatoes as a meal.

Yellow Bliss Road's spicy recipe got it goin' on

Bacon-Wrapped Smokies

Bacon is the kind of meat that could be wrapped around a stick and we'd still eat it.

Look at these babies from Eyes Closed Cooking.


I'm not exactly sure why anyone would want their chili to be the same consistency as a sloppy joe.

Steve Shannon recommendation: Use Fritos instead of crackers

Cheese Curds

Clearly, we ALL love deep-fried cheese.

Eclair Cakes

The lone dessert suggested.


While your DIPS depend on your CHIPS, salsa is almost always a winner. Not having salsa is a party killer.

Steve Shannon recommendation: Chuck and Daves Sriracha Salsa (available at Woodman's in Rockford, in the produce section)


I refuse to believe these survey results. It's now obvious that there are too many people who haven't tried totchos, nachos made with tater tots. You are so missing out.

I suggest you get the tater tot nachos (totchos) from Louie's Tap House on Elevator Rd. in Roscoe, Illinois. These totchos are made with aged cheddar fondue, chorizo, jalapeños and pickled red onions. Those onions are outstanding.