If you're living in the 815 and didn't know 815 Day was a thing, I don't know how you avoided it. It was all over social media. Which is where I found this pizza that made me sad for missing out.

I totally dropped the ball on 815 activities throughout the Rock River Valley. Yes, I wore the gear but never made it to any actual events celebrating the special day. You see, I slipped into a quick nap in the early afternoon and woke up realizing it was "too late." But, thanks to social media, I saw everyone else buying all the shirts, eating all the food, and having all the fun. Just when I thought the FOMO was done I came across this photo on Instagram.

Franchesco's photo reminded to be on the ball next year.

Surely one could make this at home but if you're like me you will never get passed getting the pepperoni on to the pizza. It likely the pepperoni would go from the package to my mouth completely bypassing the pizza. Either way, I now know to plan my day to make sure there is no missing out on great eating and shopping on 815 Day.

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