This week city leaders discussed a new "pet fee" to helps the costs of animal control services and a majority of Rockford residents feel the same about the idea.

This new pet fee would cost citizens $10 or $25 depending on whether your cat or dog is "atlered" or "unaltered", according to

Here are some of your responses shared on Facebook.

  • "So this is how we pay for other people's money problems? No! Get someone who knows how to budget money." - Rebecca Moss
  • "Stop taxing the middle class to death." - Donny Gorrell
  • "We already pay a fee every year when we have to register them." - Elyse McDaniel
  • "They need their pay cut!" - Mindy Reaska
  • "And then they will get another raise." - Gregg Scott

Almost 80 Rockfordians shared their thoughts on this issue by answering this week's Q98.5 poll. The results were not surprising.

If any Rockford city officials are reading this - make note of how we feel.