I hate to add more fuel to the "I hate the crime in Rockford" fire, but a friend of mine recently shared a scary situation on Facebook that I had to warn you about.

I am notorious for letting my car "warm up" in the driveway for 10 minutes or more before leaving in the morning, or letting it run while I run quickly into the house for something I forgot. I'll definitely be thinking twice about doing either of those things after reading this,and you might want to do the same.

A friend of mine runs a home day care service and told me that when one of the mothers came to pick up her kids last night, someone stole her car from the driveway! This all happened in just the few minutes it took for her to walk to the door and get her kids at a neighborhood in the Alpine and Harrison area.. Yes, the car was left running, but it was parked at the top of the driveway right in front of the garage...right next to the house! Thieves are bold these days, and it absolutely sickens me!

My friend, and the frazzled mother this happened to, would really appreciate any help they can get to help authorities locate the stolen vehicle. It was stolen with everything in it, her purse, phone, keys, two car seats... everything.

 PLEASE PLEASE keep an eye out for a 2014 WHITE Ford Escape IL license plate starts with a Q has a bunch of 9's and ends with an 8. Was stolen out of our driveway around 5:26pm this evening. Police have been notified, report filed, credit cards frozen, cell phone suspended, insurance notified. What has this city come too?!?! Why do people think it is ok to take something that is not theirs? Please notify police IMMEDIATELY if you by luck happen to see this car anywhere is surrounding cities! Thank you thank you thank you.

Here is what the car looks like...

Provided photo
Provided photo


Sadly, cars are stolen, and people are victimized all the time in Rockford, but we all need to take a stand against crap behavior like this if we ever want to see things change. Please, If you have any information about this situation, contact Rockford Police at 815-966-2900 or call Crimestoppers at 815-963-7867.

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