Shannon Zimmerman announced on Facebook the intention of running for State Representative, an admirable goal indeed. But don't be fooled, Shannon is actually hoping to be RE-elected. Confused yet? Don't be. It's a different Shannon Zimmerman, and this one is a guy.

The Rockford native and long-time Q98.5 radio personality, Shannon Zimmerman, is not the Shannon Zimmerman seeking re-election in Wisconsin. However, our own "Lil Zim" (as heard on Lil Zim & JB In The Morning) does share thoughts on the importance of education and family values just like Representative Zimmerman (sometimes).

When asked if she would ever consider jumping into the political arena here in Rockford, Lil Zim said, "$%^& that!" and then asked if it were too early to drink. (Ok, I made that part up.) Truth be told Rockford Original Shannon Zimmerman plans on sticking to mornings on Q98.5 for years to come.

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