Whether you're looking to reignite your love life with your partner or looking to bring things to the next level there's a book you need in your life.

Let me explain.

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Laura Corn, the sex coach of the stars, releases an updated addition of her book, 101 Nights of Great Sex, every year.

This book can not be bought in digital form and the pages are stuck together. Why? Because each "page" is actually a sealed envelope, numbered, and labeled "For His/Her Eyes Only."

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Great question, inside each of those envelopes, is something that you'll both enjoy and will bring fun and romance into your relationship. There are 101 envelopes ready and waiting to be opened.

But what is inside these envelopes, specifically?

I'm not going to leak the contents or spoil the curiosity of her latest book but I will reveal envelopes from one an early-2000s edition.

#51 'Five Jokers' (For her eyes only)

In this envelope, she is instructed to plan on a poker night for him with his closest man friends. Laura explains how and why this is romantic and includes a "passion coupon" for her to use at any point after the poker night. I'll let you guess the specifics of the coupon.

#48 'Love Bites' (For his eyes only)

This envelope involves him cooking a simple dinner, and yes, Laura suggests a specific dinner for a good reason, there's a message waiting on the plate for when she's finished her meal. The passion coupon? All it says is "anything goes for the next 10 minutes."

The current edition does not include those envelopes but the 2005 version, 101 Nights of Grrreat Romance does.

Laura explains it the best.

Photo Provided
Photo Provided

There is a reason Laura Corn has sold millions and millions of 101 Nights of Great Sex and I will go as far as to say it's not just about the contents, she's great at promoting and drawing you in to talk about the topic of sex without making things awkward.

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