Chicago may get kicked out of Illinois, if a Rockford legislator gets his way.

Rockford State Representative Joe Sosnowski has introduced a bill in the Illinois legislature to turn the City of Chicago into it's own state.

In a letter issued to media this week Sosnowski announced he has introduced a resolution in the Illinois House of Representative to create, what he refers to as, the 'Sovereign State of Chicago.'

Rockford Politician Introduces Legislation to Kick Chicago Out of Illinois
ILGA Photo

Sosnowski's letter states:

I am a co-sponsor of House Resolution 1138 (HR 1138), which is a referendum allowing voters to decide whether or not the city of Chicago should be its own sovereign state. The United Kingdom experienced a similar undertaking when a successful referendum occurred allowing voters to decide if they wanted to exit the European Union (EU). The supporters of Brexit believed their values were underrepresented in government and demanded change. There is another initiative in California to separate the state into smaller units. Many downstate Illinoisans share their sentiment that there can be a better way.

If Sosnowski's bill were to pass, the voters of Illinois would have to approve the separation.. Sosnowski (R) has represented Rockford in Springfield since 2011

So, what name should we give new State of Chicago? Any suggestions?



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