Celebrating birthdays during a quarantine is...tricky, especially for our little ones.

My youngest daughter Harper turned 4 on Monday, and I really struggled with how to celebrate her special day in a way that would not be disappointing and still make her smile. We ended up staying up way too late on Sunday night turning our home into a 'Frozen' birthday wonderland for her to wake up to in the morning; we had her favorite cake ready to go, a plethora of presents for her to rip through, and we placed a sign in our yard that said "Honk I'm 4!" which was the true hit of the the day. (Big thank you to our neighbors, garbage men and delivery drivers who honked and REALLY made her day!)

I think I can safely say Harper enjoyed her day, but I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. She didn't get her special outing or big birthday party with friends, and I wish I would have seen this this post from the Rockford Police Department last week. I'm pretty sure it would have added the last piece of excitement I felt was lacking on her birthday, and I think your kids will love it too!

These birthday shout outs from the Rockford Police are only available for kids up to 12 years old, and you know the list of names will grow quickly. To make sure your child gets in the running for the $10 Walmart gift card, send a message to RPD on Facebook, ASAP!

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