Does a Police officer's home lower the neighborhood's crime rate? Would you feel safer if you lived near a cop? You could have a new neighbor.

Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea is considering some of his officers living in crime ridden neighborhoods for free as part of a "Rock" House plan.

2200 Block of Winnebago St., Rockford
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The home would be located on the 2200 block of Winnebago Street.

He explained the idea to WIFR,

This proposed program after one he says was successful in Elgin. The officers would be on call all day, everyday, living in a home free of charge thanks to a partnership with the Rockford Housing Authority.

Filling unoccupied home is a good thing. Filling an unoccupied home with law enforcement 24/7 is an even greater idea. Kudos, Chief O'Shea.

WIFR reports,

Chief O'Shea hopes the home on Winnebago St. will be the first of many. The proposed program still needs to be approved by Rockford City Council.

It would be hard to argue against this. Hopefully city council agrees. As a Rockford tax payer I would be 110% OK with a police officer living nearby - even if it cost a few tax dollars. If there is a chance for crime to drop, even slightly, it's a good move.

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